how do i start?

Almost all clients feel overwhelmed by the time they decide to reach out for help. Start by taking a deep breath and know that you have found the help you need. Most clients feel best when starting with a free consultation. This provides more information on your home, your expectations and how long your exact project will take.

what do i need to do to prepare for a home organizer?

Preparing is easier than you may think. For most projects, clients simply need trash bags and/or boxes that can be used to collect trash, recycling and donations. Some clients have a specific vision for their home and know they want/need storage totes/baskets/etc. This is fine, however Organize Me! recommends not going overboard - lots of clients have the storage products they need already but aren’t using them effectively.

How far does Organize me! travel?

Organize Me! typically travels within an approximate 35 mile radius from Myersville, MD.

This includes:

  • ALL of Frederick and Carroll Counties, Maryland

  • Portions of Baltimore, Howard, Montgomery and Washington Counties, Maryland

  • ALL of Berkeley and Jefferson Counties, West Virginia as well as Northern Loudoun County, Virginia

  • Southern portions of Franklin and Adams Counties, Pennsylvania

do i need to be involved in the organizing process?

The choice is yours! Typically, projects can be completed faster when clients are minimally involved however clients are more than welcome to participate. If clients choose not to be involved in the process, they are asked to occasionally answer questions regarding what items are to be kept, how they prefer certain items be stored and goals for their space.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by your home, it’s encouraged that you step back at least in the beginning to ease your discomfort. If you start organizing and feel overwhelmed during the process; you are always welcome to take a break!

How do you charge? By hour? by project?

Most commonly, clients pay by packaged price. A free consultation will give you an idea of how long a project can take; from there a recommendation on a package will be made. Packages begin at $190 for four hours and go up to whatever amount a client may need. Purchasing a package is the best way to save you a little extra money.

Organize Me! can also charge by hour or add on hours to packages which are purchased.

is it just carolyn? is this part of a bigger company?

Carolyn West is the founder and sole owner and employee of Organize Me! Currently, the company is ongoing the process of adding a couple extra team members to help out during busy seasons and larger jobs!