Services available

Home organizing services are available for an array of situations. Beginning your organizing journey with a free consultation is always an option.

For advice on what is best for your situation, feel free to reach out!

*Prices below are for 1 organizer*


The Packages

Organizing & Saving All 2019

6 Hours $270 / 8 Hours $360

Perfect For:

  • Those who want to schedule multiple organizing dates

  • People who have large organizing projects to complete

  • Individuals who want to save on each organizing purchase in 2019, up to 6 times

  • Clients will save on the initial purchase of 6 or 8 hours and then 15% on each future purchase

The Organize Me! Package:

4 Hours $190 // 8 Hours $380

12 Hours $560 // 16 Hours $735

Perfect For:

  • Nearly every organizing project!

  • Multiple small projects or a large project

  • 4 hours: closets, mudrooms, pantries, playrooms

  • 8 hours: document sorting, attics, garages, kitchens

  • 12 hours: overfilled rooms or storage areas

  • 16 hours: addressing many small projects or a couple highly unorganized areas

The Moving Package

6 Hours $330 / 12 Hours $630

Perfect For: 

  • Moving from your home, without the assistance of a moving company who will pack your belongings

  • When you don’t want to, or don’t have time to pack yourself!

  • 6 hours: 20 total boxes, 1 roll of bubble wrap, 70 sheets packing paper, shipping tape

  • 12 hours: 40 total boxes, 1 roll of bubble wrap, 1 roll of dish cushion, 140 sheets packing paper, shipping tape

Other Options

Keep Me Organized Maintenance Services

3 Hours Monthly $140 // 6 Hours Monthly $270 // 8 Hours Monthly $340

Perfect For:

  • Keeping your home organizationally maintained

  • Knowing you will not be able to keep up with clutter after Organize Me! gets a system in place

  • Clients looking for monthly organizing help

  • Whole-home organizing projects which will be spread over several months

  • Clients ready to join in a contract with Organize Me!

Hourly Organizing

$50 per hour

Perfect for:

  • Projects less then 3 hours

  • Individuals who don’t want to make a large time commitment

  • Clients who don’t want to save a little money by purchasing a package!

Digital Gift Cards

Available for $50 and above

Giving the gift of stress relief can make you a winner! If you want a gift that will be a big hit, consider a gift card for home organizing. Buying a loved one a chunk of organizing time can be the push they need to declutter their world! 

Follow this link to make your gift card purchase